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Crazy to think of everything that has happened in the last decade. College, first (and current) career, first time out of the country, first apartment, first kitty, first house, getting engaged, planning a wedding and getting married! It has been a whirlwind! My resolutions consist of reading more, writing more, composing again, finding time for myself, finding time for Husband, treating myself to little luxuries a bit more, cooking meals that are outside of the box, visiting new places, trying new things, venturing out into nature more, spending more time with family (old and new!), and other things I’m sure.

Happy 2010!

Husband and I had a full day to do whatever we wanted, so we decided to spend the afternoon in Alexandria.

We stopped at the Torpedo Factory,  saw a large dog getting groomed:

walked up and down King Street

Went into a spooky comic book store (well, spooky by my standards) called Aftertime Comics. I know next to nothing about comics, but Husband wasn’t impressed, so I’ll take his word for it.

We walked through Restoration Hardware, read the menus for little bistros, and decided to go to O’Connell’s where we had celebrated a friend’s birthday earlier in the year. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants in Alexandria. Husband enjoyed a Guinness and a roast beef sandwich and I had a glass of Shiraz and a flatbread tomato basil pizza. (Well, I actually ordered a Guinness, decided I wasn’t in the mood and THEN I ordered a glass of Shiraz.)

The flatbread was light and delicious. The ambiance at O’Connell’s is fantastic, very cozy, a lot of dark wood and low lighting — and it was getting really crowded at 4:00. Very popular, and for good reason.

We also saw a HUGE dog. This photo doesn’t do the size of this BEAR dog justice. This dog turned heads and everyone we passed made a comment!

purchased the 1st dress I tried on at the bridal shoppe (no alterations needed)

had a new manager with the passing of every quarter

had a brief bridal magazine obsession

went to a Latin Mass

stopped subscribing to the Post

threw our February house party

moved counties to a new home

went on 4 + wedding related trips to the beach

watched the “IT Crowd” and loved every minute of it

planned a limo wine tour for Husband’s birthday

became a 1st time homeowner

rode the metro more

watched Husband play kickball

went to a lot of fun summer cookouts

traveled to Scotland for a wedding

bought an awesome and enormous hat and wore it to said wedding

went to Ireland and had my first positive Guinness experience

had a very nice bridal shower

completely forgot about wearing my veil at the wedding

got married

changed my name and got a new driver’s license picture

went on a honeymoon to St. Lucia

clipped the hedges

studied and received my boating license

pissed off the neighbors

got sick 2 weeks before my wedding

traveled to NYC twice for work

got my nails done

said goodbye to our family dog Kramer,  a West Highland Terrier (age 16) (was the most perfect puppy a girl could ever have!)

stopped watching Fox 5 News

put + 20,000 miles on my car

rode on a boat

worked out at least 4 times a week most of the time

started cooking a lot more

saw Tori Amos and Coldplay

cuddled the kitties

went to Atlantic City with my parents before my wedding, broke even

started going to bed early

had some company

went to a water park in the freezing cold

helped my parents pick out their new kittens

decided I still loved my job as much as I did on Day 1

learned how to make some mean scrambled eggs

put up the tree,  baked a lot of cookies and watched the fire

Things to do on this snowy day:

  • Watch weather reports
  • Measure the snow (currently 12-14 inches at 1pm)
  • Measure the snow again (17 inches at 4:15 pm)
  • Make more cookies
  • Wrap Christmas presents
  • Play board games. Like Risk.
  • Make some drink out of the liquor I bought for the holidays? What would you do with Kahlua, Vanilla Stoli and Creme de Menthe? I tried a Kokopa but I added ice and milk, which made it a Kokomilkicepa.
  • Blog
  • Eat cookies many
  • Watch ‘The Cat Returns
  • Cook dinner

I love the way snow slows us down. Gives us time to sit and look out the window. Also, pretty thankful for an internet connection, warm blankets, kitties and Husband, too.

I’m not officially making Christmas cookies until Friday, but I had an urge.

Flour. Vanilla Extract. Sugar (Brown, Confectionery and White) and Baking Powder. Yay, I could probably make something.

Now, it might be obvious that I could make some kind of cookie from these ingredients, but you may not have baked with me before. While I consider myself a good cook, I don’t usually follow directions, measure things properly or have all of the ingredients before I dive into a recipe.

I searched the internet and found some shortbread recipes on All “Kay’s Shortbread” looked promising and I had all of the ingredients. I’m not usually a fan of shortbread, but my husband is pretty Scottish, so maybe I’ll make it a new tradition.

In the end the shortbread came out well. My favorite part is the sugar that is generously sprinkled on top. Makes the shortbread sparkle. I paired the shortbread with a nice cup of english breakfast tea, and I was happy that I had a cookie urge.

So wrong, but too good to keep to myself.

I started this blog entry 2 months ago. On 3 different blogging sites.  I deleted each one. Packing my vocabulary words and The Technologist’s Wife, we strolled down the trendy downtown lofts of OnSugar, gazed upon the suburbs of Blogger and smelled the sweet country roads of  Typepad. It was me and The Technologist’s wife, exploring the world of blogging real estate. Where would we settle down?

I blogged for years on LiveJournal, with reckless abandon and felt so so comfortable and free. Livejournal was my college dorm room and my first apartment. I made lots of friends, could decorate the way I wanted, kept beer, milk and some frozen dinners in the fridge, and the rent was insanely low. I moved out of my Livejournal apartment on the day that it dawned on me that I was actually doing editorial work for a living and it was about time I find a new place to write.

Years passed. Then my husband started a blog. I married him shortly thereafter. I was inspired by his techie posts .  What would I write about?  I posted recipes, waxed poetic about the wedding, but after rereading, swiftly deleted those posts.  Ugh. Always the over-analytical Virgo, I was convinced I just shouldn’t — couldn’t comfortably blog.

I came across my blog the other day and decided I did want to write.  My plan as I described it  to my husband would begin on Jan 1st.  My theme would be: the morning blog. It would be something, anything, just so I could tell myself I was writing again, even a few lines or so, every morning. To center myself, to slow down and finally, to write.

The Technologist’s Wife and I found a cozy header image and we were enchanted. WordPress is in an established waterfront community that was very much to our liking.   We really needed something permanent. Sophisticated. A place in time so many worlds away from Livejournal.

And then today it started snowing, and we used our fireplace for the first time, we ordered some chinese food and I realized, as I sit patiently waiting for the Technologist to finish watching an episode of Monk, before we trim the Christmas Tree, that I wanted to write. Not on January 1st at 8:30am, not because I got married and not because I’ve moved out of my apartment long ago. Is there ever a good time to start a blog? To move? To move on?

“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” Robert A. Heinlein on Writing



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