I started this blog entry 2 months ago. On 3 different blogging sites.  I deleted each one. Packing my vocabulary words and The Technologist’s Wife, we strolled down the trendy downtown lofts of OnSugar, gazed upon the suburbs of Blogger and smelled the sweet country roads of  Typepad. It was me and The Technologist’s wife, exploring the world of blogging real estate. Where would we settle down?

I blogged for years on LiveJournal, with reckless abandon and felt so so comfortable and free. Livejournal was my college dorm room and my first apartment. I made lots of friends, could decorate the way I wanted, kept beer, milk and some frozen dinners in the fridge, and the rent was insanely low. I moved out of my Livejournal apartment on the day that it dawned on me that I was actually doing editorial work for a living and it was about time I find a new place to write.

Years passed. Then my husband started a blog. I married him shortly thereafter. I was inspired by his techie posts .  What would I write about?  I posted recipes, waxed poetic about the wedding, but after rereading, swiftly deleted those posts.  Ugh. Always the over-analytical Virgo, I was convinced I just shouldn’t — couldn’t comfortably blog.

I came across my blog the other day and decided I did want to write.  My plan as I described it  to my husband would begin on Jan 1st.  My theme would be: the morning blog. It would be something, anything, just so I could tell myself I was writing again, even a few lines or so, every morning. To center myself, to slow down and finally, to write.

The Technologist’s Wife and I found a cozy header image and we were enchanted. WordPress is in an established waterfront community that was very much to our liking.   We really needed something permanent. Sophisticated. A place in time so many worlds away from Livejournal.

And then today it started snowing, and we used our fireplace for the first time, we ordered some chinese food and I realized, as I sit patiently waiting for the Technologist to finish watching an episode of Monk, before we trim the Christmas Tree, that I wanted to write. Not on January 1st at 8:30am, not because I got married and not because I’ve moved out of my apartment long ago. Is there ever a good time to start a blog? To move? To move on?

“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” Robert A. Heinlein on Writing