I’m not officially making Christmas cookies until Friday, but I had an urge.

Flour. Vanilla Extract. Sugar (Brown, Confectionery and White) and Baking Powder. Yay, I could probably make something.

Now, it might be obvious that I could make some kind of cookie from these ingredients, but you may not have baked with me before. While I consider myself a good cook, I don’t usually follow directions, measure things properly or have all of the ingredients before I dive into a recipe.

I searched the internet and found some shortbread recipes on All Recipes.com. “Kay’s Shortbread” looked promising and I had all of the ingredients. I’m not usually a fan of shortbread, but my husband is pretty Scottish, so maybe I’ll make it a new tradition.

In the end the shortbread came out well. My favorite part is the sugar that is generously sprinkled on top. Makes the shortbread sparkle. I paired the shortbread with a nice cup of english breakfast tea, and I was happy that I had a cookie urge.