Things to do on this snowy day:

  • Watch weather reports
  • Measure the snow (currently 12-14 inches at 1pm)
  • Measure the snow again (17 inches at 4:15 pm)
  • Make more cookies
  • Wrap Christmas presents
  • Play board games. Like Risk.
  • Make some drink out of the liquor I bought for the holidays? What would you do with Kahlua, Vanilla Stoli and Creme de Menthe? I tried a Kokopa but I added ice and milk, which made it a Kokomilkicepa.
  • Blog
  • Eat cookies many
  • Watch ‘The Cat Returns
  • Cook dinner

I love the way snow slows us down. Gives us time to sit and look out the window. Also, pretty thankful for an internet connection, warm blankets, kitties and Husband, too.