purchased the 1st dress I tried on at the bridal shoppe (no alterations needed)

had a new manager with the passing of every quarter

had a brief bridal magazine obsession

went to a Latin Mass

stopped subscribing to the Post

threw our February house party

moved counties to a new home

went on 4 + wedding related trips to the beach

watched the “IT Crowd” and loved every minute of it

planned a limo wine tour for Husband’s birthday

became a 1st time homeowner

rode the metro more

watched Husband play kickball

went to a lot of fun summer cookouts

traveled to Scotland for a wedding

bought an awesome and enormous hat and wore it to said wedding

went to Ireland and had my first positive Guinness experience

had a very nice bridal shower

completely forgot about wearing my veil at the wedding

got married

changed my name and got a new driver’s license picture

went on a honeymoon to St. Lucia

clipped the hedges

studied and received my boating license

pissed off the neighbors

got sick 2 weeks before my wedding

traveled to NYC twice for work

got my nails done

said goodbye to our family dog Kramer,  a West Highland Terrier (age 16) (was the most perfect puppy a girl could ever have!)

stopped watching Fox 5 News

put + 20,000 miles on my car

rode on a boat

worked out at least 4 times a week most of the time

started cooking a lot more

saw Tori Amos and Coldplay

cuddled the kitties

went to Atlantic City with my parents before my wedding, broke even

started going to bed early

had some company

went to a water park in the freezing cold

helped my parents pick out their new kittens

decided I still loved my job as much as I did on Day 1

learned how to make some mean scrambled eggs

put up the tree,  baked a lot of cookies and watched the fire