Husband and I had a full day to do whatever we wanted, so we decided to spend the afternoon in Alexandria.

We stopped at the Torpedo Factory,  saw a large dog getting groomed:

walked up and down King Street

Went into a spooky comic book store (well, spooky by my standards) called Aftertime Comics. I know next to nothing about comics, but Husband wasn’t impressed, so I’ll take his word for it.

We walked through Restoration Hardware, read the menus for little bistros, and decided to go to O’Connell’s where we had celebrated a friend’s birthday earlier in the year. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants in Alexandria. Husband enjoyed a Guinness and a roast beef sandwich and I had a glass of Shiraz and a flatbread tomato basil pizza. (Well, I actually ordered a Guinness, decided I wasn’t in the mood and THEN I ordered a glass of Shiraz.)

The flatbread was light and delicious. The ambiance at O’Connell’s is fantastic, very cozy, a lot of dark wood and low lighting — and it was getting really crowded at 4:00. Very popular, and for good reason.

We also saw a HUGE dog. This photo doesn’t do the size of this BEAR dog justice. This dog turned heads and everyone we passed made a comment!