Husband and I are starting our summer early. We bought a boat last fall and this is the first weekend we’ve really taken it out. There is a lot to learn. How to dock the boat. How to drive the boat. How to use the anchor. How to maneuver with other boats out on the water. How to EVERYTHING.

We spent today getting the boat ready for the season, and set out around noon. My favorite part of the afternoon was taking a break in Belmont Bay with a gorgeous view of the mini beaches along Mason Neck State Park.

We anchored and enjoyed the sun, listened to music, excited to be on the water on such a gorgeous day. When we pulled up the anchor, I shrieked in delight as a cute brown snail decided to snuggle up to our boat. I decided then and there that “if a snail attaches itself to your anchor while you’re out on the water, it is a sign of good luck.” Why not?

From the internet:   “The shape of the snail’s shell associated it with the symbolism of the spiral, the whirlwind, the labyrinth, coiled snakes, winding paths, the orbits of heavenly bodies, the ram’s horn, and underground caverns. Spirals are symbols of continuity, evolution, devolution, involution, expansion, contraction, cycles, mysteries, and changes which are the natural result of all that has gone before. Beneficial spirals twirl to the right while destructive ones twirl to the left. Treasures, the self, wisdom, or Minotaurs, other beasts, and nightmares lie at the center of spirals.”

The snail definitely made my day, and the boating was insanely wonderful, too.