Last night Husband and I decided to spend the night on our boat. We were expecting lows in the 40s, and perhaps a bit of wind, but we were willing to rough it. We ordered pizza from a little hole in the wall place that is quickly becoming a favorite, picked up a board game and ‘Pirate Radio.’

The highlight of the night was our textbook game of Sorry. We opened the brand new box and reread the directions. I admired the adorable little Sorry pieces. So shiny. Such vibrant colors.

Sorry seems as though it might go on for days at the onset of game play. You get so close to making it “home” and then all of a sudden — SORRY. Back to the beginning. Actually, Sorry sounds like quite a metaphor for life. Sometimes you catch a break, sometimes you’re sent back to start. To rethink and try your luck again, but no matter what, you’re always trying to reach your Safety Zone and to return home.

Finally, Husband and I were about to wrap up the game and found ourselves in a fast-paced, card flipping, shiny pawn moving race! Both of our pieces arrived in the Safety Zone and we both teetered on the last space before Home. We kept turning card after card for a few rounds. Back and forth. Easily amused of not, it was such an unpredictable and exciting game — almost TOO unpredictable and exciting for a simple game of Sorry. Suddenly, I turned over the winning card, and joyfully moved my piece into Home.