My blog is called ‘The Technologist’s Wife.’ Yet, I never actually remark on Tech. I guess I’m not required to seeing how a) this is my blog and b) my husband is the implied Technologist here. This is not exactly the case.  When naming this blog, I wanted to play off of the movie titles ‘The Astronaut’s Wife‘ and ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife.’ (Two movies I have yet to see.) I also like the word Technologist, and when I started the blog I thought I’d be commenting on tech trends more often than I actually do … /justification rant.

I don’t own an iPhone. I want one. I’ll get Husband’s when this baby is released. This phone looks mighty sexy. I’m especially a fan of the secondary rear camera with a camera flash/larger lens. Also, goodbye rounded edges — this phone looks flat, or should I say, sleek.

My real excitement surrounding the supposed features of this phone are based on the way it was allegedly found on the floor of a bar in San Jose, (I’m also hearing Redwood, CA.) This makes me laugh. Someone should have come upon it in a giant fluorescent Easter egg a few weeks ago, or maybe it should have erupted out of The Volcano. Found on the floor of a bar? That’s just silly. This iPhone deserves a better entrance into the hearts and minds of techies than … found on the floor of a bar. Just think if someone had stepped on it? I smell a conspiracy.

This weekend while you’re at your local watering hole, get ready for the ole, “Did you hear the one about the iPhone that walked into a bar?