Many people are of the mindset that Google is taking over the world. I am a big fan of Google. From Gmail to Chrome, to Google Docs, Maps and obviously Search, Google is king. If Google takes over the world, I believe it would be a very nicely optimized and organized shiny happy world to live in.

I’m here to inform you, that it is NOT Google, but Facebook, who is taking over the world. News flash: people don’t use Facebook because they like Facebook. Facebook is a means to an end. People have egos. People are nosy, and they log onto Facebook to fulfill needs. (You know these needs, I don’t have to explain.) If MySpace (or Friendster?) had a cleaner UI, and launched in 2008, we would be talking about MySpace right now. A social media profile site is a fly by night romance. Facebook knows this, and they don’t want the honeymoon to end. Ever. They want more and they want it now. Facebook’s aggressive plans to spread itself across the web will only alienate users. It will scare them away.

I believe Facebook is extending its reach too far, too fast.

Do you like the idea of connecting with your friends and colleagues in a comfortable online environment? Yes. Do you like the ease in which you can keep in touch, plan events and post pictures? Of course. Are you cool with the fact that the new Facebook changes allow anyone to see your interests, current city and hometown — even if your profile is set to Private? Um, No thanks! (OK, the last point may or may not be true, but it is rumored on Consumerist.)

This is just the beginning. Users are too smart to live like this. My prediction: since it is the content on Facebook that users show a loyalty towards — not the brand, a new star will be born. A mobile profile site, potentially one built exclusively on Apple products, will dominate.

That’s my prediction. Am I deleting my Facebook profile? Not yet. Am I naive enough to think that Google is playing games? Of course, they are.  I understand that all of my info is being used for the advancement of advertisers, and I’m OK with that. Crunch my data. See if I care.

I’m on Team Google.