Like many women, I hate shopping. I need to be in a very peculiar/particular mood  to go on a shopping trip. It’s not that I don’t enjoy fashion or dressing up, (I have a strong attachment to high heels, cocktail dresses and bold styles), it’s just that for me, 4 things must happen to create the scenario for the perfect shopping trip.

1) Everything must fit and look simply dazzling in the dressing room.

2) I must have a gift card and/or a very clear and detailed reason WHY I am purchasing the item. (Wedding, Birthday Party, Presentation for Work, etc).

3) If it is a casual item, (not for work or for a social event) I prefer if it is on sale. Even better, if it is brand name and on sale. Score!

4) I shop best alone. I love window shopping with my mom, BFF, husband — but I am only going to waste your time and mine, when I walk into the dressing room with 20 items, and return with 0.

Recently, I did have a successful shopping trip. Here is what I purchased:

Item: Blue Patterned Dress by Angie

Reason for Purchase: Need clothes to wear on the water.

Further Justification: Would work over a bathing suit, loved the fit of the smocked waist, the soothing color, the length and the paisley pattern on the trim of the dress.

$: On sale

Item: ECI Sleeveless Print Dress

Reason for Purchase: Possible candidate for a birthday party outfit.

Further Justification: Could also work at wine fests, summer happy hours and outdoor concerts. Perfect with a big chunky necklace and espadrilles.

$: Also on sale

Item: Sleeveless top with tribal-ish pattern and beaded neckline, from Jones New York.

Reason for Purchase: Needed a Spring/Summer top.  Possibly for Mother’s Day.

Further Justification: Paired with black pants or capris, and a smart heel, this is a quick outfit to throw on to grab lunch.  Anna at, ‘Her Fashion Affair,” answers the question, ” Are capri pants really a fashion faux pas?” What do you think? I dislike shorts and believe if you are tall and wear them with a heel, capris are a comfortable option.

$: Majorly on sale! This item was originally $99.99 and I snagged it for $12.75.