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Yesterday was the Technologist’s birthday party. Not because it was his ACTUAL birthday, but because I’m 33 weeks pregnant, I decided it was time. His real birthday will be closer to the 35 week/35 days left countdown and I’m just, well … sorry — no! This weekend suited everyone fine!

Despite never having been to the venue before, I chose DC Redline. From the website, it seemed to combine a swanky yet casual, sporty yet sophisticated elegance that I hadn’t seen before in a sports bar. For a great review, read one of our friends’ accounts of the night on Yelp.

We had a great night. Enjoyed complimentary champagne. The built in table taps. Making fun of/secretly admiring hats spotted at the Kentucky Derby. Good conversation with a dozen or so of our closest friends and it wasn’t even so bad being the only Preggo at a GastroLounge on a Saturday night in DC.




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