Monday Morning. Here we go. Fresh start. What better way to start off the week? I had to go with Up and At ‘Em.


Starring 6 carrots and a beet.


Introducing, the Jack Lalanne Juicer! (applause!)


The espresso machine turns away in disgust. “Nope, not today Mr. espresso and your creamy, sugary goodness. You stay out of this.”


Looking good!


I sit down with my usual breakfast partner, who is nomming on cream cheese on toast and strawberries.


The finished product!


The outcome:

So good. And I knew it would be, a very sweet and refreshing drink … pretty much tasted dessert-like. I’m a fan of beets in salads and what not, but have never dealt with a non-canned beet before, so that was interesting. I have 2 more and I know I’ll be working them in at some point in the next couple of days. The juice yielded about 1.5 servings so I just slurped the last bit down, after stretching it out all morning. Also, had the oolong tea instead of my normal coffee. Feeling fine, not hungry and don’t think I’ll have any problem making it until around 11:30 or so when I prep for lunch. I think lunch calls for something a little heartier, like … broccoli.