Last evening I started considering quitting the fast. I kinda forgot why I was doing it, and I started dreaming of whipping up a nice veggie omelet for breakfast. Who would know? Who would care? I told myself that when I got up in the morning I would decide how to proceed.

I got up in the middle of the night and I felt this wash of … I don’t know how to describe it … satiation … not in the food sense, just in this overall warmth and feeling good and clear. This was in the middle of the night, too. I woke up this morning, not feeling exceptionally hungry. I decided yesterday that this wasn’t an exercise in taking a break from caffeine for me — I’ll deal with that hurdle the next time I’m pregnant — so I had a cup of black coffee and a glass of water. I don’t think I even touched my juice until 10am today. I just enjoyed my coffee, slowly relaxing and taking in the morning. I’m still not finished with my juice drink an hour later.



I have a ton of meetings this afternoon, and I’m going to celebrate by consuming a really vegelicious drink that should yield a lot of servings. I’m a little scared of some of the ingredients in this next drink to tell you the truth. So stay tuned.

My other fear is running out of produce before tomorrow’s up, I should have bought more spinach/kale.